CLT of the Month


This item is priced for local delivery/pickup. If you need this items shipped, we will send you a separate invoice to cover shipping costs ($10 per shipment).

Below is what you will receive each month

full subscription ($40/month, 10% discount for 12 month subscription)

1 savory bread (ex: sourdough, focaccia, honey wheat, etc),

1 sweet bread (lemon loaf, chocolate bread, babka, etc), 1

6 cookies

1 other dessert (cheesecake, chocolate covered graham crackers, s’mores, etc), and one surprise.

1 surprise (garlic rolls, pretzel sticks, homemade graham crackers, etc).

Breads only” receives one sweet bread, one savory bread, one surprise- $20/month

Sweets only” receives 6 cookies, one other desserts, one surprise- $20/month

The default dates for delivery are on the second Saturday of the month. Alternate dates available upon request.


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