You’re Next Dessert Obsession: Cookie Lady Treats

It’s difficult to find someone who doesn’t enjoy a freshly baked, warm cookie. It’s even more difficult to find someone locally who makes them upon order requests and attends your local farmer’s market. Well my Boston area friends, your search is over; meet Cookie Lady Treats of Maynard, MA.

I met the local baker at her house (aka the bakery), and upon walking in the door the aromas of chocolate, vanilla and a little coconut filled the air. Her kitchen contained sheets upon sheets of cookies fresh out of the oven, and I was excited to be where all the cookie magic happens.

Cookie Lady Treats, also known as Laura, is all about offering a variety of creative flavors and ingredient combinations, such as Piña Colada and Chocolate Potato Chip (the ultimate sweet & salty combo). The baking began as a just a summer project two years ago. She made these innovative cookies and brought them to the Maynard farmer’s market where she discovered people loved them and wanted more.

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