Your cookies are by far the best cookies I have ever tasted. I first had them in Maynard at a gallery opening of one of my old photography teachers. People were snatching them up so fast . . .
This past summer my parents and sister moved out of state and unfortunately we won’t be spending Christmas together. Gifts are hard to get and when I had these I knew what I was going to send them. Thank you for your baking magic, my taste buds are very appreciative.

Kate – Sudbury, MA

I bought the Lemon at a local farmer’s market. Once I got home and tried them, I knew I had to come get more the following week. I bought a bag each for three dear friends who all raved about them! I am now a weekly customer.

Kathryn – Natick MA

There are only a few treats that excite me. My favorite is cookies. I like them for their texture (both crunch and chewiness), flavor (both diverse and tradition play into this), and uniqueness( not your ordinary cookie). Laura’s cookies satisfy and exceed all these three main likes. Every time I know a batch is on it’s way I can feel my stomach saying: “here comes a treat”. I’ve tried many cookies in many places and have yet to find anything quite as good. Diversity is important as cookies can get boring. Not in this case. Every time I open a bag, I am delightfully surprised. A treat no one should pass up.

Dick – Maynard, MA

I’ve known Laura for about 2 years now and one thing is for sure, Laura makes the best cookies ever…… She can make a regular receipe phenomenal, but what makes her unique is her creativity to make different flavors work. I have no doubt that Laura is going to make a huge success of this business, and cookies are only the beginning…

Blair – Concord, MA

These cookies are awesome!

Jeremy – Maynard, MA

By far one of the best cookies I have ever had the privilege of tasting, Laura’s creations are in a league of their own. Two giant zip locked bags of these delectable treats can barely hope to last two days. Why? My craving kicks into overdrive. I cannot stop myself, and neither can my comrades… yes that good. Afterwards we are left wondering, “when oh when may we again taste such greatness!

Patrick – Boston, MA

There are, of course, great twists on classic flavors like Triple Chocolate Chip (can there ever be too much chocolate?… I think not) and Fluffernutter Dream (for peanut butter lovers), but what I love the most about her cookies is discovering the new and creative combinations like Maple Walnut and Red Velvet. My new favorite has to be the Everything Cookie. Looking forward to my next box from the cookie lady in the mail!

Ross – Cincinnati, OH

Calling one of these cookies “a cookie” would be selling it short. It’s more like . . . a dessert extraordinaire!

John – Boston, MA

Unfortunately, since I Live in California, I can’t just visit Cookie Lady Treats when I need a fix . . . thank goodness priority mail! Once I put in an order, I can’t wait until it arrives! The cookies are bigger than most and LOADED with all kinds of chocolate. Being a chocoholic, I am surprised to say that my favorite cookie is the Maple Walnut, followed closely by the Everything. Then there’s the After Dinner Mint, the Chocolate Raspberry, the Fluffernutter…..the S’mores, I could go on and on! For you chocolate and coffee lovers, ask for the Smore with Coffee marshmallow – the ganache is to die for! Don’t even get me started on the Orange-Vanilla Marshmallows… I need to go check the mail to see if my box is here, my mouth is watering…

Janine – Madera, CA

What can I say about these cookies except that they are “YUMMY”!!!!!!!!!! I’ve tried several kinds, the Smores, Chocolate-Raspberry and the Lemon and I do have to say my favorites so far are the Lemon Cookies. Laura definitely took a basic sugar cookie to a new level, with natural whole ingredients and a definite lemon flavor, which is a nice change to some of the cookies you find now days in the market, which say Lemon and there is no Lemon to be found. The chocolate one’s go really good with Coffee or Vanilla ice cream, sandwiched in between or just crumbled up, adds a great texture to the ice cream that’s for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m planning to try several more types of cookies in the future and I’m sure they’ll be just as good. Laura definitely has a winner here.

Marti – Fresno, CA

We live in California but that doesn’t stop us from enjoying these delightful cookies from The Cookie Lady. These cookies are so deliciously good!!! My favorites so far are the Everything cookie, the Fluffernutter cookie, and the S’More with coffee marshmallow … it’s the best S’More I’ve ever had!

Pra – Fresno, CA

I’ve been enjoying Laura’s treats for over 6 years now and they just keep getting better and better! Not only do they taste amazing but Laura thinks healthy in her baking which is what I love most, yet the flavor doesn’t miss a beat, and then some. Hmmmmmm, what is my favorite cookie? Sorry, but this fan can’t choose because I love em all! Laura; and her cookies WILL be a household name. It’s just a matter of time!

Carolon – Fresno, CA