Cookie Lady Treats owner, Laura Weinstein Laura’s obsession with baking started around the holidays when she was in high school. She loved giving plates of home-baked goodies to neighbors. But it wasn’t until she was in grad school and in her first apartment that she started baking in earnest.

Always a lover of sweets, especially chocolate, and also conscious of staying in shape, she first experimented with healthier cookie variations.  Then, came her quest to develop the best chocolate chip cookie she ever had and finding sources for the finest, melt-in-your-mouth chocolates. Next was exploring unusual combinations of ingredients and finding local fruits and all-natural flavors to create these unique cookies.

As a result of her passion to source as many local ingredients as possible, Laura makes frequent trip to Vermont for maple products and during the summer drives to Maine for those delicious tiny, tasty blueberries. She also enjoys customizing cookie orders. For instance, you can talk to Laura about adding a favorite ingredient to a cookie or eliminating one you are not crazy about.

As you cruise around the site, you’ll see some of Laura’s current favorites but remember to stop back frequently because you never know what fresh combination of ingredients she’ll come up with next. Or better yet, take a look at her ingredient list and talk to her about mixing and matching to “design” your dream cookie… baked especially for you!